Are we PayPal friendly?

Short answer is “Yes“, but…

As we operate just as a search engine (for flights, accommodation, transfers, etc) we can’t control which payment methods are accepted by the companies actually selling these services. In order to provide the best results (and prices) we obviously need to include companies which do not accept PayPal into our search results as well. That being said, we would like to present a list of travel service providers which do accept PayPal. If you would like to pay for your travel services via PayPal, just choose “PayPal Friendly” service provider from our search results.

List of travel service providers accepting PayPal

Travel agents, selling plane tickets:

Accommodation booking engines:

  • (please note to choose a prepaid room to see the “Pay by PayPal” option, as you can’t pay in the hotel with PayPal)
  • (again, only on prepaid bookings and may not be available for all hotels)

Individual airlines (direct bookings):

Updated on 22nd of February 2021.

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